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Thread: New cache types on

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    Default New cache types on

    A swift note about two new cache types available on ...

    - Podcaches (Starting Lat./Long. given, directions obtained from a
    downloaded mp3 (audio) file, leading to a physical cache.)

    - Educaches (virtual cache - educational in nature.)

    Currently neither have a unique icon.

    I have posted (but not published) a test cache in each category, and all
    seemed ok.

    There are still some items to be sorted out on the software side - e.g.
    searches and maps still to show the appropriate options.

    'Lord Darcy'

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    Just to add a comment about Educaches. These are intended to be similar in concept to "Earthcaches" over on GC but are wider ranging in their scope. As well as highlighting Geological features they will also encompass "Historical" sites and may also include sites of Scientific, Artistic and other "Educational" interest. Their full scope will only develop with use.

    You never know, maybe Groundspeak might be encouraged to offer something similar to their cusomers!

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    I remember reading on a forum (somewhere!) about wanting to add Tumuli and other old man-made features to the Eartcache category, and the suggestion being shot down.

    Sounds like a good category.
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    The Earthcache initiative is limited to "geology-ish stuff" because it was invented by the Geological Society of America. (It would be nice if it had been the Geological Society of the World, but that doesn't seem to exist.)

    I suspect that any future "Virtual Plus" categories on would require a similar infrastructure for quality control. True, there are some fairly lame Earthcaches, but the overall quality is a lot better than many of the virtuals which were being submitted before Groundspeak decided that things had become stupid.

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