In the UK Groundspeak forum is a thread in which I asked for advice to request permission from the council to place a couple of caches in a park in Torpoint, Cornwall. It's topic 236187 - sorry, but the board won't let me post the proper URL until I've made 5 posts! The council have responded giving permission, but asking whether Public Liability insurance is in place. Here's the text:
Dear {Pajaholic},

Geocaching, {name of park}, Torpoint

Thank you for your letter dated 24th November relating to the above.

I am happy to give you permission to undertake the activity as described in your letter.

Can you confirm though that you have public liability insurance in place to cover any accident that might occur as a result of the geocaching activity? Not doubt your parent organisation can advise on this.

Yours sincere,
Charlie David
Operations Manager
For info, I've added the council response to the tread on the Groundspeak forum.

Permission doesn't seem dependent on PL insurance, but I suspect the council might withdraw permission if PL isn't in place. Does GAGB have PL insurance?

TIA for any help,