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Thread: Thank You to Bryan & Jenn at Groundspeak

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    Exclamation Thank You to Bryan & Jenn at Groundspeak

    As many will be aware Ewan-Billy Twigger sadly passed away on the 30 May 2009, 3 years after severely injuring himself whilst placing a new cache. Since the accident I have been helping the Scottish Geocaching Community to keep all of Ewans caches active.

    Recently Ewans family requested that all of his cache were adopted over. But as they did not have access to his account details, they were unable to action the adoptions themselves.

    Groundspeak very kindly agreed to action all of the caches. After discussions between Haggis Hunter, Bryan at Groundspeak and myself, Bryan very kindly agreed as a Special One OFF case to allow the Adoption of Ewans Virtual Caches. Which as the cache type is no longer accepted for listing on, Virtual caches can no longer be adopted over to new owners.

    So I would like to thank Bryan on behalf of the Scottish Geocaching Community and myself for this and for all the help he has provided in arranging for all the cache to be adopted.

    And to Miss Jenn and all the other Lackeys who have actioned all of the Adoption Requests.

    Due to the fact that the Site is currently in a Development Phase, and as the Database has to be manually edited by one of the Developers. The Adoption of the Virtual caches has not been actioned immediately along with all of Ewan's other caches. But will be actioned independently after the Development Phase has been completed [adoption will hopefully take place some time before Christmas]

    Once again a big Thank You to Bryan, Miss Jenn and all the other Lackeys involved.

    Ewan's caches will remain as a long lasting memorial to a such a highly respected Geocacher.

    My post is my personal opinion and as such you do not have my permission to quote me outside of these forums!

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    As a frequent critic of Groundspeak I am delighted to be able to offer them my thanks and congratulations at "doing the right thing" here.

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    Nice to see they can get things right sometimes!

    And "Thanks" to Deceangi for helping to sort it all out!
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    That's really great - a big thank you to all concerned!
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    A great deal of thanks are due to Deci himself, and to Haggis Hunter, for handling the issue with all the sensitivity it required, particularly when the negotiations threatened to get a bit overheated.

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    nice outcome.
    Happy Caching


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    Adding my 'well done people' to a rare thread of good news from Groundspeak: It's great to know Ewan's caching spirit will live on through his caches; especially his 'eternal virtual'. Nice to see Haggis Hunter's bookmark list of Billy Twigger caches too. My thanks to all who made the adoptions possible and those who'll be taking care of something Ewan gave the community; they're all high on my 'to do' list too. As my own little memorial I intend to hide an In Memory of Billy Twigger cache when I'm next in Scotland for a remote event. I go up every other year, so look out for something hard to get to reach in 2011

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