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    What is it about our hobby that we enjoy? For us it is the walk, the scenery, the enjoyment of the hunt and the joy at the find plus also the camaraderie that we feel when we meet other cachers whilst out on the hunt. Some cachers enjoy going for the numbers by finding as many caches as they can in a day’s walking/driving/cycling whereas others, like us, enjoy the walk and are happy to find a few caches two or three days a week. But that is the glory of the hobby; make it what you want it to be.
    We got into Geocaching in April 2008 and really wish we had discovered it much earlier, back when fuel costs were such that you could actually afford to drive some 100+ miles to have a really good walk and find a box that was full of swap items. These days with fuel cost much higher and with a car (needed to tow our large caravan) drinking the black stuff at a rather rapid rate, we find that it is more financially viable to cache when we are in an area.
    If the day involves a nice walk to find one or two caches then that is great for us but if a day’s planned caching involves a series that contains a high percentage of ‘micro’ caches then we just get on and do them as we still get the enjoyment of the walk and the hunt etc. I am not advocating the practice of simply dumping film tubs at the base of every tree and fence post in the country but then again I have no problem with a carefully thought out, camouflaged and hidden micro-cache that is placed in a location that befits that size of hide.

    Just my views on the hobby
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    Got to agree you, all the way. I started way back in 2001, and there was only 57 caches.....yep, only 57 in the WHOLE of the UK! We had to travel from Cumbria to the North East to get 1 or 2, possibly 3 or 4 in the day, with a round trip of 120 to 150 miles.....happy days!!

    I do a few on my own, and also cache with the wife and two friends (non cachers) a foursome we like to nab a few with small walks ending at a nice tea room!!

    I have hid a few, and I am actually beginning to enjoy the hiding quite a lot! Spent all night last night on a cache page......HTML and all that malarky...thank goodness for Chris's (Mr B) fantastic resource site

    Must admit to not liking micro's, not strictly true, I prefer trads, but if they are en-route.....why not nab 'em!!

    I still enjoy the hobby now, probably not as much as I did in the "early days", but enjoy it all the same.


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