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Thread: Where are all the MegaCaches

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    porcelainhammer Guest

    Question Where are all the MegaCaches

    Some would say it's not all about the numbers but....I've hit all the caches in my immediate area and am casting my net wider. I stumbled upon the UK Mega Series (GC1JZKT) and Mega Series 2 placed by Lord of the Cachers in Hampshire. :socool: These are >100 caches in a nearby series. I was wondering whether any similarly mammoth cache series' exist in the UK and if so where?

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    There's the Sussex Amble series:

    70+ caches, which overlaps with a couple of smaller series along its route.

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    There are many more. As you're Surrey-based you won't need to know about the Witton Weaver's Way. But a closer one with over 100 caches is

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    porcelainhammer Guest

    Default Wwwbt

    Thanks for the advise. I checked out the Weavers Wav as well (GC1MC1Y). Now I just have to contrive a reason to travel to Blackburn that will wash with the wife.

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    One of the Guernsey teams is working their way through a pack of playing cards slowly but surely....

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    not sure how HH worked out you are Surrey based :wacko: however if that is the case, there are a number of shorter rings in Surrey that you may be interested in... Check out our profile (purple_pineapple) for a bookmark list of cache rings, and as we are surrey as well, its possibly slightly biased towards this end of the country!

    For example (blatant self promotion) the mugswell series is about 60 caches in a circular walk, should take about 7 hours to complete, and there are lots of other walks that take a few hours in surrey and sussex.


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