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Thread: Sending waymarker info to GPS

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    Default Sending waymarker info to GPS

    On the site, there's an option to send waymarker info directly to your gps, situated at the right hand side of the page listing all the caches within your given search parameters. When I click on this it seems to be for Garmin or DeLorme users only.

    Is this correct or if I download the application, can I use it on my Satmap?


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    Only Garmin and DeLorme work with Groundspeak, so it only works with their products.

    You'll have to find another way to send the information.

    Pocket Queries, GSAK, or others.
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    There have been a few queries from Satmap owners on the GPS/Technology forum over there...

    Download to Satmap

    GSAK to GPS

    Or go here for the full "SATMAP" search results....

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    Buckleberry Guest


    Thanks for that. Looks a bit more involved that I thought..! Not sure if I want to download more mapping software to the laptop.

    It does look good but will have to weigh up whether sticking to printouts is just as easy.

    Thanks for the time taken to respond. Am most grateful.

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