On looking at the cache placement guidelines and the part concerning SSSI's I've had it pointed out that we've missed out a point. All recreational activities taking place in a SSSI, are regulated by the relevant statuary body for SSSI's in each country. I had this pointed out to me by a representative of the Countryside Council of Wales (the regulatory body for Wales) with whom I have just had a site inspection to get the locations for a multi cache approved, in a SSSI. This is to make sure that only activities sutible for that location takes place there, the owners of land designated as SSSI's, may not do any work or give permission for any activity without permission from the relevant body, and that includes permission to place a cache. As such may I suggest that a note is added to the guidelines stating this. On a happy note, the CCW rep was interested in geocaching, and was very impressed with the CITO ethos. Hopefully I've made another convert. Note to the committee, he is going to pass on contact details for the CCW's Recreation and Access Officer for NW Wales, which I'll pass on to you. Hopefully this will allow you to make formal contact with the right person/s at the CCW hq. As for the cache it'self, this will be placed and listed as soon as the land owner has received permission in writing, and I have received permission in writing off the land owner, just to keep it all legal. This cache has taken me over 6 months to finally get permission, and involved a learning process, as such I thought it was important to pass this information on to hopefully stop anyone falling foul of the law, hence such a long post. Dave