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    Wood Smoke Guest


    Since the board moved I have been unable to auto login :-(

    Can you check it's working ok please?

    My settings have not changed and it works on other boards?


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    Wood Smoke Guest


    Ah, I think it might have something to do with the login page being on ''?


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    Yes, the forum only works on a single domain (ie, rather than or etc). Actually I'm surprised you managed to log in at all, never mind get autologin to work!

    The problem was that the menu on the website just pointed to /forum, and wasn't explicit about the bit. So if you started at, you'd end up at and have problems with the forum.

    Thanks for spotting this! I've corrected the menu on the web pages and will have a look to see if the forum can be configured to be more tolerant of domain names.

    Ian (as admin)
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