**If you wish to vote, then DO NOT look at the results BEFORE you vote!! **

(if you view the results first, then you will NOT be able to vote!!! You have been warned&#33


You can read the proposed GAGB constitution HERE

The vote will close at approx 9pm on Monday 16th February 2004 (next Monday). In keeping with the need noted within this constitution for a 2/3 majority to make changes to the constitution, I think it only right that we ask members to give a 2/3 majority of votes cast to ACCEPT this constitution.

Anyone who joined GAGB before last Monday (2nd February) should be able to vote: if you have problems, please contact me and I'll try and sort out the problem.

Feel free to continue the discussion on the constitution over in the "General" forum whilst the voting takes place.

Paul Blitz
GAGB Committee