Decided to get this model as we wanted a GPS unit with the high sensitivity receiver.
Have found it to be very reliable when used in locations where the satellite reception is lower than normal and can maintain an accuracy of around 18ft even when under heavy tree cover and get that figure as low as 8ft when in the open. I am sat in our caravan, all blinds closed so no clear view of the sky, whilst writing this and it is on next to me and it is showing 8 satellites and an accuracy of 20ft.
Satellite fix is obtained quite quickly, I normally turn it on and place on car roof while we get all our stuff out and when we are ready to go it is generally locked on to enough satellites to give an accuracy reading of 10ft and below.
The colour display is clear although a little small but easy to read.
The unit is nice and light weighing in at only 156 g complete with the batteries fitted
It will accept 1000 waypoints/caches.
It has the facility to add Topo or OSM maps via a Micro SD card and can be used for trouting with either of this installed.
It is nice and robust and waterproof, have proved how tough it is by dropping it just over 15ft and driving off in the car while it was still on the roof with no ill effects and have also dropped it in a foot of water , once again with no ill effects.
Overall we are pleased with the performance of the unit as it does whatever we want and in my opinion it offers good value for money .

We use it in conjunction with a Mio P350 PDA ‘Review to follow’