Purchased as an upgrade to my Garmin 60cx (great GPS!!) in 2008, choice driven by a need for paperless caching without using my pocket PC.

Generally very reliable but prone to the occasional screen freeze, resolved by removing and replacing batteries (or patience). A number of software updates since purchase have made it a lot more reliable.

Initial satellite fix when powered on can take up to 5 minutes, takes even longer when you are in a rush (a watched kettle never boils!). However, subsequent power on/off during the day result in an 8+ satellite fix within 60 seconds. Accuracy is usually very stable at around 12 feet (3 metres).

The colour display is very clear, offering a number of different screen view options when caching. Access is via a Rock and Roller input wheel which allows single handed use whilst using the other to fend of branches, brambles, midges etc.

The unit weighs in at 207 g complete with the batteries fitted Ė which are advertised as having a 15 hour life span. I have never actually assessed how long my batteries have lasted but needless to say itís more than sufficient for a days caching.

It will accept 1000 waypoints/caches and 50 routes and has the facility to add Topo or OSM maps via an SD card. Premium GC members can transfer Pocket queries direct to the unit via USB and have the warm, fuzzy glow of having the full cache description, decoded hint and previous logs to aid caching in the field. If you have time you can also add find notes via the Rock and Roller.

Like most Garmin products it has a robust feel to it although Iíve never been tempted to test out this or its waterproof capabilities bar the occasional rain storm!

This is a pricey piece of kit but does the paperless caching part excellently and is a useful navigation aid for following downloaded walking routes, obviously as a backup to Map and compass.