You know that Sunday morning feeling? You wake up thinking its a work day but gradually over the next few seconds realise its the weekend, the days all yours! You can spend as long as you want in your bed, have a leisurely breakfast, brunch or even just make it up for lunch. Depending on the weather you can then head out for a walk, a few caches, maybe lunch out, visit family, read the papers, watch some footie, chill!!!!!!!!

Unbelievably I have bettered that Sunday!

This may sound mad but, just once; plan a caching trip in the countryside, getting out the house by day break on a pleasant spring or summers day. I can guarantee that it will be the best start to a day you have had in a long while. The dawn chorus is in full flow, the sun slowly rising, and lighting up the previous evening's dew. The roads, they're deserted, not another soul about, heaven!

You start your walk woodland, canal side, fields, fells, hillsides, river sides, mountains they are all yours. Nature is taking advantage of this quiet time cuckoo calls echo across the fields, swallows & swifts race about taking advantage of the days early insects, foxes casually stroll across your path, pheasants call from the hedgerows.

You will wander why you don't do this more often even that familiar Tupperware box of goodies will feel like a real achievement, your caching target met you head home just as the joggers make their appearance. You get home with a warm, glowing feeling of what a wonderful world we live in and you still have the whole day ahead of you!!

Try it!