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Thread: Cointest ideas

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    Fianccetto Guest

    Default Cointest ideas

    I'm still catching on to all the different aspects of geocaching! Just discovering the cointests and as I already have a couple of unactivated coins, am up for setting a cointest or two on this forum some time, if there's no objections?

    Polite suggestions welcome! h34r: One could be a straight competition to win a coin to be posted to the winner, only stipulation being the coin has to be activated by them and let loose in the wild...Other one could be coupled with a TB to go on a swapping cointest, say a pets one? opcorn:

    What do people think? :cheers:

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    Fianccetto Guest


    I know I only posted this yesterday, but if people view the thread and don't post (as some have) I'll take it to mean you don't want me to run any competition here, I'm not short on ways to give coins away. :lol:

    I just wanted to run something for the people who DO drop by here sometimes and check this forum out. Also if you've just won a freebie geocoin, maybe you'll be more likely to risk sending it out into the wild rather than keeping it in a private collection.

    OK I'm going to stop talking to myself, I'm beginning to feel the urge to check my palms for hairs! (2nd sign of madness. :wacko

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    RuberyBlue Guest


    Hi Fianccetto,

    I did attempt to post a reply this afternoon but its not appeared for some reason. I'm happy to take part and give you some support on this.

    Recommend you press ahead and get your first one up and running!


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    I haven't been caching for some time due to ill health, so I wouldn't be likely to participate, but this seems like an idea worth trying! Go ahead and see what happens.
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    idea sounds good to me and happy to partake if need be.

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    Fianccetto Guest


    Thanks for replies...Will post a Comp/cointest when We've thought up something that could work here.

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