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Thread: New multi idea

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    RuberyBlue Guest

    Default New multi idea

    Hi All,

    I have been mulling over an idea for a new cache but think it may have a touch too many stages/ challenges (crystal mazish!).

    Stage 1. Night time only (Fire tacks) - collect co-ords for stage 2 (recommend next stage in daylight)
    Stage 2. Cunningly hidden. Collect co-ords for stage 3.
    Stage 3. Will require four litres of water (and many fingers), collect next set of co-ords.
    Stage 4. Recover key (cannot be moved)and final co-ords.
    Stage final. Transport cache to key, sign log etc, return key and cache to hiding locations.

    How much is too much? I could expand further!


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    Sounds excellent - you might not get millions of visits but if it was nearby it is certainly one I would do! A lot of cachers are looking for different caches to find rather than just the traditional hide under a pile of logs.

    Go for it!

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    It sounds good to me! It may not get as many visitors as a lot of caches, but I'm sure those who do it will enjoy it.
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    This sounds like an interesting challeng and more interesting than some of the short walk to a place of little interest that I suspect we all do just to keep our closest to home list looking neat. I plan travel around interesting Caches sometimes and this sounds like one to plan in.

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    Fianccetto Guest


    Sounds like a lot of fun and we would be up for it, if we got near enough for long enough. :socool:

    I was just wondering if it would be possible to have the 2 key stages at the start, so that way you could check that the key and cache are in place ready for the next cachers and before each seeker can log their find. Don't nind if you can't, I'm just sneeky that way. h34r:

    Mrs. F.

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    Yeah.....wot they ^^ all said!

    I have been setting a few puzzle caches, nowt really difficult, just something to work the brain a bit more, and then make it a nice walk to the cache.

    Sounds a good-un......go for it!

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