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Thread: How many of you are e-bay users? Are you happy w/your transactions, so far?

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    Default How many of you are e-bay users? Are you happy w/your transactions, so far?

    Hi!I won a bid on an item on eBay, coming from UK. It has been over 45 days so Paypal will not help me in getting a refund! I waited this long to give the item time to get here (I'm in Canada). The seller claims he will refund me but he hasn't yet GRRRRRR

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    One of the reasons I very seldom buy from international sellers, I'm afraid it will always be a gamble.

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    We have bought several things on E Bay and never had a problem. My Sister in Law sold a Saddle and had all sorts of problems - the buyer not paying and arguing about description and in the end she got solicitors involved and it all turned out nasty ! She won't have anything to do with it now.
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    Patrick Sullivan Guest


    It depends really, Iīve had only good experiences - but a lot of my friends havenīt. I think you need to look carefully at the buyers reputation, see comments which have been made etc. This is very important, because if the people are legit they will want to uphold their reputation. It is better to pay a bit extra if that is the case, rather than just try grab a bargain which might not end up being what you wanted. It will become more and more common to buy online, and this will introduce scammers - but also a higher quality level of sellers and buyers.

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    I sell a lot of geocoins on Ebay, but like everyone, if I am buying I usually check what their feedback is like before I decide whether to pursue a purchase or not. I tend to buy from sellers who can post out by recorded delivery.

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