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    New here and hoping to get my 9yo son into Geocaching. He seems quite keen at the moment, but knowing what kids this age are like, I don't want to go mad buying an expensive GPS only to find its a 1 hit wonder! Looked at 2nd hand but never sure what you are getting and how its been treated, so decided against that.

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    Welcome to our obsession.........!!

    Try looking at the google map option on the cache page, or the streetmap option, and armed with the clue, the cache can be found quite easily without a gps. My gps is a Garmin Legend, about 5 years old now, but does me!


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    Watch out for a local Event, and meet a few local cachers, who will be more than happy to show you the ropes!

    Lots of Events on 1st and 2nd of May to mark 10 years of Geocaching.
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    Hello there - i'm also new to this and very interested. I have the app on my iphone but wondering if this is enough?

    I hunted for one and failed to find it - my 10 year old daughter got bored before i was ready to give up! :lol:

    Is there a beginners guide out there?

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    I've never used the iPhone (or any other phone application) for caching but there's a whole forum related to geocaching for the iPhone to be found here:

    The iPhone geocaching forum

    iPhone geocaching FAQs

    I hope you can find some helpful info there.
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    we are pretty new at this too !The first one took a bit of finding - but speaking to the couple that introduced us - they use the phone and say that it is pretty accurate -BUT ! as "she who must be obeyed" has often pointed out - CAREFULLY read the instructions, and all the associated found logs before blundering about like I did. It saves the non interested parties from getting bored and, as we did with one in Bibury (Oxon) the other day = met up with another couple with children looking for the same cache = make a plan to cover the maximum area (knowing that the cache is somewhere within the 20 metre circle of the proximity alarm on the phone/GPS) and usually the cache is quite quickly found. Another tip - when reading the logs for new caches to look for AVOID the ones with lots of DNFs (didn't find), micro caches and difficult terrain etc., until you get the hang of finding them. First couple average 20 mins to find. Now getting the hang - usually about 5 - 10 mins
    good luck
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