Calling all Cachers

The presenter Ian Peacock and I are making a programme for BBC Radio 4 about geocaching, and I would like to hear from people who are passionate about it.

Perhaps you’re an urban geo-cacher, or maybe you prefer the more physically challenging searches up mountains or at sea. Do you pursue your hobby in groups, or are you in competition for the number of caches you find? Maybe you’re chasing a record? Perhaps you’ve met with suspicion or hostility from people who didn’t know what you were up to. Do any of you use the software for your business? If you have outspoken opinions, interesting stories, or you know someone who is a bit of an eccentric who would share their wild enthusiasm for geo-caching, then we’d like to hear from them, and you! We're hoping to give Radio 4 listeners something different - people whose voices and ideas we would like to hear more of, the less predictable the better.

Please email
Thank you very much