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Thread: When I download can I rename

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    Default When I download can I rename


    I am a new user and have just got a Garmin etrex H. I go on to the Geocaching site and am trying to download. That works fine but the pooints are called by their reference items such as GC25BXK

    Is there a way I can either rename to something meaningful either before, during or after the download

    When they all have funny reference codes and I have downloaded a few it is difficult to see which is which

    Any help gratefully received

    Many thanks


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    GSAK gives you the option to use 'smart names' with the cache name truncated to 6, 7, or 8 letters.

    Free to download and use for 21 days, after which you get a nag screen asking if you want to register -but still works fully.

    Can look a bit daunting to start with, but it can be soon worked out!
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    Thanks for that

    I will try it out


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    Geocache Log also lets you rename before you upload to the GPS and is FREE to register at the moment.
    I use it all the time and it does everything I want and it's simple to use.

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    Out of interest, being a SatMap user I can't download directly to the GPS from the site and have to use SatMap's SatSync program. However, when I save the .gpx files to my PC I can rename them at that stage...

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    Default Renaming

    This is a common problem with the more basic GPS devices, and is a nuisance when you are following a series, and the first six characters of the GC code are all the same. What happens as you send the details to your GPS is that they overwrite one another, and you end up with just one downloaded cache, when maybe you through you'd sent a few through. The way round it is to rename each GC code every time you do a download. You can use any name, but the simplest is to rename the cache by simply dropping GC. It's a bit fiddly, but it works.

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