Greater Manchester Police based at Manchester Airport have set up a Geocache Exclusion Zone around Manchester Airport


The GLAD entry includes a link to a Google Maps Overlay. Currently the Exclusion Zone follows the boundary of the Airport, but the Zone is currently under review by them.

They set up the Exclusion Zone after a Geocacher(s) were viewed by a Muggle retrieving a container and reported this to the Police. At no time was the there any negotiations with them about this Exclusion Zone.

I was the recipient Reviewer of the details of the Exclusion Zone after it had been set up. Whilst no other Police Service based at a Airport, has yet to set up a similar exclusion zone. The UK Reviewers will be taking a tighter stance in the future, in regards to all Geocaches placed near to a Airport or Military Base.

If/when they GMP have finished reviewing the Geocache Exclusion zone, and decide to extend it. The above link will be update to show any new boundary extensions.

The Owners of all caches which fell within the Exclusion Zone were contacted directly and asked to re-located their caches.

Deceangi Volunteer UK Reviewer