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Thread: Invision board unfriendly to the visually impaired

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    BugznElm'r Guest


    When you sign up for an account on an Invision board you are asked to enter a security code that's on an image ... basically this is to prevent automatic account creation. This makes it unfriendly (and unusable) to the visually impaired.

    Usually, this isn't a problem but as this association is a UK wide association it might attract more attention than other sites that use it as a solution - so you might want to think about changing this soon.

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    paul.admin Guest


    Gentlemen, please!

    <puts on a hat of moderation>

    Many people have "disabilities"... even "deef sod" Moss Trooper has a hearing problem (so do I for that matter... I wear 2 hearing aids).

    Many people online seem to have either severe educational problems, or they have severely dyslexic fingers... the end result is that they can&#39;t spell properly.

    Others are visually impaired.

    There are 2 extreme attitudes: (a) you complain to all and sundry, but little to help yourself; (b) you accept you have a problem, and do whatever you can to sort it out. Luckily most are in the middle somewhere.

    So, I start by thanking BugznElm&#39;r for raising the issue. It is a very valid issue, but a) it only happens, I believe, the once during registration; b) with a bit of "help" (eg using screen zoom, asking someone else to read it for you) it is possible to get around the issue, c) the software we use here is free & used pretty much "as-is".

    Thus the end result is that, unless the forum software changes, we are very unlikely to be able to do anything about that specific problem.

    Of course, there IS another way around the problem, which completely sidesteps the problem: rather than using the online registration facility, the impaired user can send a simple email to one of us, and we can use the admin facility to sign them up. Obviously that requires the (potential) member being aware that they are able to do this.... so maybe all we need to do is to add a note somewhere in the registration process to explain this possibility.

    I finish by noting that now that there is a possible solution for this problem... so in the interests of keeping harmony, I shall delete the other "offending" messages in this thread after saving them, and then lock this thread.

    <removes hat of moderation>

    Paul Blitz
    (Administrator / moderator / committee / general dogsbody)

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