We attended our second "event" on Saturday - Organised by Spanky - at the Pear Tree Pub in Chipping Norton. We were a bit apprehensive as when we went to our first event we were mostly ignored and all the Cachers seemed to know each other and formed small "closed" groups. We left after about half an hour. What a contrast this was - We were greeted by "walk Tall" - the FTF of my first cache - this broke the ice and shortly we were engaged in good conversations with several others including Spanky himself - learned a lot from this event and are most heartened that all the lovely people we met on Saturday were encouraging and wanting to help novices even if we asked probably the same stupid questions that they had answered lots of times before
REALLY GREAT (even logged a FTF myself)- Ha !! what was the name of that indian ??

cheers and thanks again for a lovely day
palujia ("she who must be obeyed", Flashy, and elderly dog)