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    Hi there, My name is Matt and I am hoping to use the geo caches along with students in the pupil refferal units that I work with. Hoping that it makes some of our navigation and map reading activities a bit more puposeful. If anyone has good routes down in Wiltshire that would be lovely to hear.
    Many thanks

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    Hi Matt, welcome to the GAGB and good to see you posting in the forums.
    I am aure that somebody will come up with a few ideas for caching walks in Wiltshire.

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    my only worry would be if the caches were close to the pupil's home area.

    In the past there has been occasions where children have been taken caching and have later returned with more of their friends and one of those friends has not really understood the idea and has damaged or destroyed the container.

    there are many circular routes in wiltshire, three inbetween salisbury and warminster alone.

    if you go onto and search for geocaches, for instance, around warminster it will show you a list, there is then an option to "map it" click that and it will clearly show you where the circular routes are

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    I am also aware of the danger of students uses caches to close to home and then removing them on purpose or as you say with a friend who does not understand.

    My plan is to ensure that to start with I use locations that are well away from students homes. We will then see how responsible they are and hopefully go from there.

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