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Thread: geo terrorist

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    Default geo terrorist

    A friend of mine showed me this cache log (GC1CTD2). I wondered if anyone knew the history of this guy and why he's so upset? Seems a bit of a weirdo to me.

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    This subject has been discussed over on the GC forum, these people seem to think that it is fun to steal geocaches and their contents. What they don't seem to realise is that as the boxes have the landowner's permission to be placed they are in fact the law breakers and not the cache placer.

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    has happened off and on over the years. not much we can do about it unfortunately. except poss make everything subscription only.
    they love the oxygen of publicity

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    there doesn't seem to be a "report user" button/link which they could use to block the user and their ISP
    (I know that it would take a fair amount of rescorces)
    This might not make it impossible for them to get access to the co-ords etc but might just make it a big enough pain in the ass for them for them to eventually loose interest

    I have had a wee lookie online and found that it happens but are unable to do much, all to do with ISP's and other wizardry I do not pretend to understand =0P
    some people like the idea of "If you ignore them they will go away"
    I personally like the Idea of a dyepack cache.......... J/k =0P
    you could inform the police after all some of the items HE (there only seems to be one person with several accounts) has stolen personal property sometimes with sentimental value (TB's Geocoins etc)

    Oh and an Internet search for his so-called group brought up nothing (except a few hits from other geocaching forums)
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    There is a large amount of history behind this person, the best advice we can give is. Change any affected cache to a PMO, leave it a while then relocate it. Do not react in cache logs, emails or forum posts about this person. As that just gives gratification, as he's getting attention.

    In other words think "Fight Club"

    For a fuller background about the issues, please contact me through GC's contact a member facility.

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    Like others have said - ignore the idiot - by doing that they get annoyed because no one takes the bait - by answering him you feed his ego.

    Also make cache PMO - then re-hide as suggested.

    If reporting him to the police for theft - how do you find out who it is???

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Aguila View Post
    If reporting him to the police for theft - how do you find out who it is???
    If they treat it as a crime, the police can request information from the ISP/ISPs involved.

    Not easy, but is do-able...
    Depends on if the police/Crown Prosecution Service think it's 'worthwhile' taking the time/effort/costs involved to proceed.

    (All ISP's have to keep a record of on-line activities by their users, most of it is stored and never looked at (by man or machine) unless it's requested for legal reasons... Also being looked into/is in place? by mobile phone operators h34r
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