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Thread: CITO and The Woodland Trust

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    Evil Edna Guest

    Default CITO and The Woodland Trust

    Hi,I'm new to "forums" so apologies in advance if I mess up.
    Please can someone advise me. I am trying to organise a mini CITO event locally and the Woodland Trust, as one of the land-owners, is asking for Risk Assessment and Public Liability Insurance. All I plan is to have a few people picking up litter. Any suggestions how I can appease them please?

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    Welcome Evil Edna (Great name )

    When I read your post I remembered that I had seen a CITO cache page somewhere with some Risk Assessment info on it. After a bit of searching around I found it:

    The 2010 Water of Leith CITO Event.

    I think Haggis Hunter has organised a few CITO events and it might be worth you contacting him for some advice. I know that others have organised CITOs so this problem must have come up before... Hopefully someone else will have suggestions.

    (Why do good intentions have to become so complicated these days? )

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    Evil Edna Guest

    Default Thank you

    This has given me something to work from.

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    Possibly ask the local ranger if they have an in-house risk assessment you can borrow (or use), or.... seeing as I create them for work, forgive the lack of posh formatting, but it is late - here's a start point. I wouldn't get too hung up on the points scoring system, it's more about being seen to have taken most eventualities into account.

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    Some time back I organised a CITO in Oxford which was sponsored by Oxford City Council. On this occasion they completed the risk assessments, supplied any equipment required and provided the Public Liability Insurance. All they asked from us was for each attendee to fill in the register with there names and contact details for the insurance.

    If I was you I would either go back to the Woodland Trust and ask them if they have their own Public Liability Insurance that can be used and/or find a more helpful sponsor.

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    Evil Edna Guest

    Smile CITO event on Chosen Hill

    Thank you for the helpful responses. As it happens we assembled our arguments over the weekend but, before we could get in personal contact (ie phone) we heard back from the Woodland Trust that we have their "all clear" without PLI or risk assessments (probably beacause it's only going to be a small "crisp wrapper and can" event rather than "shopping-trolleys and washing-machines" So on Sat July 10 2010 it's all happening on Chosen Hill.
    Thanks again

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    Well done and good luck on the day.

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    nobbynobbs Guest


    great, don't forget to post the link here.

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    Evil Edna Guest


    Hi Nobby,

    Here's the link to the event!

    We're looking forward to it.

    Thanks again!

    Evil Edna

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