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Thread: Orkney trigging logistics

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    Default Orkney trigging logistics

    I was on Orkney recently, and bagged all but one of the 64 trigs. Only Muckle Green Holm got away. I've put some details on the TUK trig page which might help - I'm sure it's doable with a bit more planning than I did (i.e. none).

    Here's what I did, in case it helps anyone:

    Thu 27 May: a.m. ferry from Gills Bay
    Fri 28: a.m. North Ronaldsay*; p.m. Shapinsay; Kirkwall
    Sat 29: Gairsay; Orkney Mainland
    Sun 30: a.m. Eday**; p.m. Stronsay, Stronsay overnight
    Mon 31: back to Kirkwall; Sanday; Kirkwall
    Tue 1 June: Wyre, Rousay, Egilsay; Tingwall
    Wed 2: Westray; Papa Westray; Kirkwall
    Thu 3: Hoy, Flotta, Hoy overnight
    Fri 4: Orkney mainland, ferry to Gills Bay, Scottish mainland

    * North Ronaldsay sailings vary - was very early morning that day
    ** using Sunday Excursions timetable - different each Sunday

    That was the only way I could find of combining them all in the time available.

    I daresay many would take longer per island, but you have to get what you can when you can I loved the trip - nice spring weather and evenings which go on forever. Photos.

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    I was on Orkney recently, and bagged all but one of the 64 trigs


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