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Thread: Permission from Oxford City Council

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    Default Permission from Oxford City Council

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Asriel View Post
    An innocent enquiry, as a complete newbie geocacher, to Oxford City Council has provoked the following responce:
    'No we don't, but perhaps we should. I have had some contact with in the past and their local rep sent me a sample agreement
    that they had with another LA. I regret that no progress was made in
    modifying this to meet our needs but you have prompted me to dig the
    info out and revisit the issue. I will contact you again in due course.
    So suddenly I am a potential GAGB negotiator hmy:which I don't mind at all, but I see mention of a local (nameless) representative who has already been in contact, so I may have stepped on someone else's toes. So sorry...but maybe it will just prompt a response to the original enquiry. In which harm done.
    Pip pip!

    The news is that permission will be given except on SSSI sites. Can't post it yet because I'm short of posts.
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