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    Default Getting started

    I am an absolute beginner to geocaching and before I spend a lot of money would like some advice on an entry level GPS please.

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    The real entry level GPS would probably be the Etrex H, this is the basic version of the Etrex range with no mapping, tconnection to a computer would require the purchase of a serial lead. Etrex H.
    Etrex H on EBay
    The entry level where mapping GPS units are concerned is the Etrex Venture HC which has the base map pre-loaded, this unit is geocaching friendly and can be connected to a computer via a USB lead for waypoint loading. Etrex Venture HC
    Etrex Venture HC on EBay

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    I would go with Dr Dick's second recommendation of the eTrex Venture HC. Mainly because of the mapping (you can use open source maps) and the USB connectivity to the PC which makes loading waypoints/caches much easier.

    Welcome to the obsession by the way!

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    Look round on Amazon. e bay etc., and you will find a more "up market" GPS cheaper than some of the base models. Any of the models with space for an SD card are the preference. Free maps are available from various sources- I have open streetmaps, which, as I am a real technophobe I paid the extra for and had them sent to me already downloaded onto an SD card for a fraction of the price of the O/S or Garmin maps. If you see one you fancy - you can look at the review section on Groundspeak - or put a question on the "techie" section of this forum. They are very helpfull!!
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    I am quite new to this too, and I was using the iphone app but the battery just drained too quickly and as I am such a scaredy pants I was worried about being in the middle of nowhere with no phone lol so I invested in the Garmin 201 Geko, I got it from Amazon for 54 tho I know they have now gone up to 80 but I love it, totally love it, it is so accurate and once I had worked out how to use it, it really is very simple. I use it alongside the iphone, but will also be printing off descriptions etc and doing it that way.

    Highly recommend for a beginner


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