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Thread: getting us noticed

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    lord brian Guest


    how about placing a tag with g.a.g.b on it with an e-mail address, and instructions, to pass it on to the next cache they find, then we have a hitchhiker, that can be traced as it makes its journey, and as people wonder what gagb is they visit the web site , it may help us to grow, i have only just heard about using hitchikers and it seems a good way for people to hear about us, and a good thing to track too!!!

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    Hi Lord Brian,

    Firstly, welcome to the fold.

    Secondly, I am sorry your idea has slipped down the list without any replies.

    Your idea does have some merit and anything which introduces the GAGB and encourages new members has to be a good thing.

    I know that you are a "Neocacher" (I like that better than "Newbie") and you have been reading up on the web. Just in case you have not got that far, the term "Hitchiker" was used before "Travel Bugs", which were introduced to help track "Hitchikers".

    There is nothing to stop you setting up a Hitchiker or Travel Bug with whatever goal you wish. I know that the members of this association will be very pleased with your efforts.

    I do hope that since I spoke to you on the telephone, you have managed to find a few caches.

    Take care and happy caching
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