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Thread: are permissions chacher specific

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    Default are permissions chacher specific

    If there are chaches already on a site does this mean that permission has been granted for that site and can more caches be put there there without seeking for permissions again?
    Assuming that the original permission doesnt have a limit on the number of caches.

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    You'll find some Agreements are Open Ones, in that the Landowner might just request that they are informed of the cache location. Permission is such that you do not have to contact the Landowner in advance.

    The majority are closed ones, where the Landowner requires those placing caches on their Land to contact them for each placement in advance.

    There are one or 2 which are person specific, that's where permission is restricted to One Specific named person.

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    plus you are asuming that the person who put the other cache out has actually asked permission.....

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