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Thread: Church micro series - PQ tech question

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    Default Church micro series - PQ tech question

    We're probably being really 'duh' about this, but is there any way to link the three PQ's for the church micro series together, so they all display on one map, not three, and, is there a way to get the PQ to hide your finds? Each time we've run it, there doesnt seem to be an option to exclude our finds, so we get them all again. On two occasions we inadvertently went to a church cache we had already been to as we only had the basic gps with us and no notes.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Which map do you mean?

    The PQ functionality is quite basic, but mostly people will load the file into GSAK (free software). This allows much more sophisticated sorting and filtering, then exporting in various formats. It takes a little effort to get proficient with, but it's certainly the best option for manipulating PQ results.

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    GSAK will add the PQ's to make one file.
    How many caches in the PQ, can they be made into larger PQ's (as PQ's can now be 1,000 caches)? will accept up to three files and map them...

    A Bookmark (Premium Member feature) will allow you to get a PQ specifically of the caches you want, up to 1,000 caches.
    There is a macro for GSAK, but it takes a little while, as each cache has to be added separately by hand.
    (But it's quicker than doing it from the Groundspeak website!)
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