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Thread: Wez T'injun Zummer Camp

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    Default Wez T'injun Zummer Camp

    As everybody else is doing it......

    You've now got less than 4 weeks to save up / book time off / relax and breath deeply / diet / plan / record your last will and testament, before West Indian Summer Camp invades your sensibilities and forces you to eat things you wouldn't normally cook in a field. Don't worry - as usual, beer (and in this years case, dark rum) is an acceptable ingredient in your culinary creation - and remember, anything you can't fit in a recipe will probably fit in a glass

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    keehotee Guest


    p.s. ....and 'er indoors has given me the go-ahead to shell out on some proper prizes this year LOL

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    Was hoping to make this as a day visitor, but I've got my dates mixed up. I'm only in Cornwall until 11th September, and I thought that the event was before that!

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