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    I know that this is a long shot but does anyone know anything about this Stargate P60025? It is in Finland. One of my GC's was placed in it back in May without my approval and when I have tried to look at the page it says I don't have permission as it hasn't been published.

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    I managed to view the Stargate cache HERE and there is only 1 TB in there.
    It's strange that the cache owner retrieved your coin from the Stargate (24/5), then dropped it back in (28/5) and then reported it as missing (24/8)

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    I emailed the owner to ask about my coin.

    This is the reply that I got.


    I'm very sorry to say that this TB is not really n my possession is only virtually in Geocache Stargate P60025 wormhole that is a place where I put all those tb's that have sent by postage to the next stargate. (well that is how this stargate system works) ..and Tb Collie was sent of by airmail in 28.5.2010..and it has not been picked up yet for some reason by the Stargate operator in Stargate P47122 TB Cache in Northwest Washington. I could contact there if they have received any postage from me... I can't think what could have be the reason for that..just that the postal sevices or customs have lost it. In may and June I have hoped that it could have been picked up and then I've forgotten the matter during the summer. Other thing I could do is to move it into unknown locations but it doesn't change the fact that this tb might be lost in space..too bad"

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