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Thread: Great series in Norfolk

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    Default Great series in Norfolk

    Just come back from hols in the Kings Lynn area of Norfolk. We caravan along with our friends the Beauchiefs. We did a some really nice caching series and would like to recommend the Bawsey series - really nice scenery and a a bit of "terrain" - which, as you might well know it unusual in Norfolk. Also for a really "tricky" micro series - albeit on flat country but pretty much "in the woods" the Marham Fern series. Really neat and some great hides. We have also started to collect photos of the painted Village signs. Some of these are really imaginative and colourfull - started sorting out the photos yesterday and found we have nearly 30 ! (I hear Sussex has some similar village signs) - Is this the start of a new hobby ???Anyway - thanks for a couple of really nice Cache series
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    Thanks, I am pleased you liked the bawsey caches

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