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Thread: Hello from Kent

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    Default Hello from Kent

    Hello everyone,

    thought I would post my hello before tripping off to read the other ones and see who is nearby

    Have been geocaching since beginning of summer holidays, have found 24 local ones, and love it!!! I have learnt some history of my local area I didnt know and have found some greenspaces I never knew existed! The kids and the dog have had long long walks, all great for keeping fit and cheap lol

    The excitement when the gps starts to count down in feet is just great, love it

    I have 2 local friends who geocache too, but obviously we arent all free at the same time, so am looking to find some new geocaching friends too. Hope to go to a local meet at end of september

    oh and I am a mum to 4 children aged 5 to 17, have 2 dogs and a husband I am a sahm, but do some voluntary work within my local schools


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    This one GC2BWFG would be a possible meet to attend, if you are near Sittingbourne.

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