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    As a non driver I have walked, cycled and used the bus to get my finds.

    Question. Next weekend I will be doing a cycle ride for Historic Churches being sponsored for each one I visit. Is there a way to search just for church caches in my area to make the day more interesting for my 10 year old and me. Fingers crossed


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    I don't know of an easy way to find churches with caches ..... but these Church micro bookmarks may help. (currently 1299 caches)

    Link to Andy33

    Click on the tab 'Bookmark Lists'

    They are not all micros - one is even a Wherigo.

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    Quick question: Do you have memory map?
    If so I could generate a file for you to import into memory map to show you the ones local to you but you would need to PM me a rough set of co-ords where you want the centre lof the radius to be.

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