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Thread: The deed is done - order placed

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    happysnapper22 Guest

    Default The deed is done - order placed

    Well after much too'ing and fro'ing have finally but the bullet, flashed the cash and placed an order for a GPSMAP60CSx + a 2Gb micro card (well it was only an extra 3.94 hardly seemed not worth ordering as the unit is only supplied with a 64Mb card). OooErrr can hardly wait to get going.

    I looked at all the options around this price point and the other 60 series units and in the end though the cost difference too small to be worth worrying about and went for the bells and whistles with compas and barametric, possibly overkill for me but what the hell. Difference between men and boys? The price of the toys!

    Just hope its a good choice.

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    We had a 60CSx since they first came out and it's still our best receiver - excellent choice.

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    RuberyBlue Guest


    I regret my decision to move from my 60CSx, I don't think you will regret it.


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    It's the unit all others a judged against!

    If you don't have a PDA/phone for cache page info, or even if you do!, it may be worthwhile looking at GSAK and this macro.

    I send the info as GPX and POI file, so basic cache info can be found on the GPS. Multi's -especially long multi's- are better printed out!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RuberyBlue View Post
    I regret my decision to move from my 60CSx, I don't think you will regret it.

    off topic : what did you move to?

    on topic : 60 csx was our first, and tres awesome!

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