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Thread: Newbie in Southampton

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    Lazerus101 Guest

    Default Newbie in Southampton

    Picked up on the game from a friend and with my trusty new droid in hand I have leapt into the world of Geocaching. I have a few urban micros under my belt so far and am looking forward to doing more. My personal transport options however are rather limited so am tied to places public transport can get me to :lol:

    Would be nice to chat and maybe meet some other local cachers at some point.

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    A bit off my patch...
    Watch out for any events out that way. Always a good way to meet the locals.
    (And if the Oxford event is anything to go by, meet some not so local!)
    I have a Geocaching problem...
    Work gets in the way!

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    There's an event on at Manor Farm on Sunday, there will be lots of Hampshire cachers in attendance (not sure if I'll be there though).

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    Lazerus101 Guest


    Sadly the Sunday slot is a killer for me as I work Sundays!

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    nobbynobbs Guest


    watch out for the hampshire mid week monthly meet, which i can never attend as i have a daughter in need of sleep.

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