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Thread: Eigg on Face; Taking it remote again in June 2011

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    Simply Paul Guest

    Exclamation Eigg on Face; Taking it remote again in June 2011

    After much head-scratching and looking into a long list of potential Scottish island and mainland locations for my next extreme event - following on from St Kilda in 2007, St Agnes IOS in 2008, Unst in the Shetlands in 2009 and a tidal island off the coast of Jersey in the Channel Islands in June 2010 - I think it's the right time to return this series of events to their origin; an off-the-beaten-track location that offers visitors a very special experience... Basically I've run out of N/S/W geographical extremes to visit for now (but stay tuned- I'm working on something else rather cool! No, it's not Lowestoft) but this is an extremely dramatic and interesting location on a little-visited island in the inner Hebrides. At the time of writing there's not even a cache on it! I'd hope to leave a cache behind with local support when I visit Eigg to climb the 1,200ft An Sgurr in June 2011.

    I'll link to the event from this thread in late December, when I'm able to have the page listed. In the meantime, here's a photo to whet your appetite - The event will be held (so long as the weather means it's safe to reach) at the trig point at the 'prow' of the rock, at 393m above sea-level, which is where we'll be starting from:

    Eigg has some other treats in store; the famous 'Singing Sands', the 'Massacre' and 'Catherdal' caves and if I can arrange it with people with suitible skills and equipment, something like this! I also plan to camp on the island and visit Rum and Muck too...

    More news here as and when I have it. I hope you'll be keen to join me somewhere amazing

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    RuberyBlue Guest


    I'm very tempted, keep me in the loop.


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    Simply Paul Guest


    Following up on last week's Eiggy announcement, I have news of further Highland Adventures planned for June 2011:

    Pub events; a mainstay of caching meets. Where better to compliment my 'Britain's Fifth Most Remote Event Cache (Eigg)' event than one in mainland UK's most remote pub, The Old Forge, Inverie, Knoydart. There's even a cache near by. Earlier in the day I intend to climb the localish (Metric) Munro, the 1010m (3346ft) Ladhar Bheinn, which is a hearty 22Km/13mile round route walk away - I may take a shorter route if I find a good description of one. I'll only attempt this walk/climb if the weather is settled enough- safety first! You'd be welcome to join me for the day but it's not the event. I'm only doing the walk to build up a thirst (Diet coke in my case)

    More news, as and when...

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    Simply Paul Guest


    Having pondered nevryan's suggestion on the other forum, I've checked my schedule for my Scotland trip and decided there's time to have 'a day out' on Ben Nevis. Thus I'm going to arrange a CITO event at the top; anyone who's been up there will know it's not the cleanest of spots so gloves and sturdy rubbish bags will add an extra dimension to the climb and geomeet. The date is yet to be set, but the last half of June or very early July 2011 is in the frame at the moment. More info on this event, as well as the Eigg and Knoydart pub ones, to follow when I have it

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    Simply Paul Guest


    (Ben) More? You are spoiling us Mr Simply!

    In addition to a CITO meet to tidy-up the 'roof of Britain' atop Ben Nevis, a pub meet in mainland Britain's most remote hostelry and a climb to the top of Eigg (for 'cracking' views?) already announced for summer 2011, I'm going to add a meet at the top of Ben More, not far from the UK's oldest remaining (1st set in Scotland but the archived GC4E in England was the 1st in Britain or the UK) geocache while I'm doing my own Highland (cache) Clearances:

    GCF0 Scotland's First - It's quite a way off the beaten track and with just 57 finds in almost 10 years (set December 15th 2000 - the only live UK cache from 2000), finders will be members of a pretty exclusive club. Date TBC but it'll be in the latter half of June 2011 or very early July. It's on a Munro for baggers of 3000ft hills and at 1174m, it's a Metric Munro too. In fact, Ben More is the highest mountain south of Strath Tay.

    I hope you agree it's shaping up to be quite a fortnight of geocaching experiences. Fingers crossed for good weather :socool:

    Edit: I've just spotted Scotsbob is holding an event on December 15th this year to celebrate the cache's 10th birthday: GC2BXRY 10 year anniversary of Scotland's First. As someone who went to Goldpot's excellent GC253NT GC4E England’s First! 10th anniversary meet for the now archived GC4E England's First! (Actually Britain's first cache, I think) I'd love to attend but I doubt I'll get up to Scotland for it.
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    Simply Paul Guest


    I've discovered an amazing Scottish film location which is usually closed to the public may be open at some point in June 2011 - I'll post more info if I can confirm this is the case. It'd make a wonderful addition to any trip to the West Coast!

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    Simply Paul Guest


    Further to the above, and as mentioned on this thread 'at the other place', the location I've been looking at is Castle Stalker, as seen at the end of Monty Python and the Holy Grail as Castle Aaaagghhghghh! I've learned it's open between 30th May - 3rd June and 11th July - 15th July 2011 (amongst other, earlier and later dates). Neither of these periods are particularly good for my travel plans but it's just possible I'll be able to stay in Scotland a 3rd week and make the July 11th opening a cache event. More info when I have it...

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    July 11 in the diary. Will we be using a motor boat from Arisaig? Have camped in a simple camp site north of village. Called Pete's camping. Probably 5 Star camping and caravan site now. Possibly near 56.92917N, 5.85865W

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    Simply Paul Guest


    Sorry to say I doubt I'll be able to stay in Scotland that late. Due to a big trade fair I cover for a magazine which is usually on the first or second weekend of July (date TBC for 2011), I think I'll be back down south before July the 11th - however, that doesn't stop someone else organising an event! It's certainly a location I'd love to visit. Perhaps for my next trip up, expected in 2013...

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    Simply Paul Guest


    Summer 2011 SP Remote Cache Event News!

    Now that I've seen a CalMac timetable for trips out to the Small Isles (I hope to visit them all), along with the dates of the ETO Show revealed on a wall planner (June 26-27), I've enough information to work out a whirlwind schedule for a few days in the Highlands. My plans for June are:

    Wed 15?/ Thu 16th - Drive up from Bucks, perhaps stopping in the NW of England on the way (car share available).
    Fri 17th- AM caching on the west coast. PM ferry from Mallaig (mainland) to Canna. Set cache there? (zero atm).
    Sat 18th- AM ferry from Canna to Muck. Set cache there? (zero atm). PM ferry from Muck to Rum.
    Sun 19th- No ferries run on Sundays. Caching on Rum (7 atm) by bike & enjoying the wilderness.
    Mon 20th- AM caching (perhaps placing). PM ferry from Rum to Eigg. 5th REMOTE EVENT & perhaps placing.
    Tue 21st- AM Exploring Eigg. PM ferry from Eigg back to Malliag. Evening caching on the west coast. MAX DAYLIGHT!
    Wed 22nd- AM ferry to Knoydart for THE OLD FORGE PUB EVENT. PM climbing local Munro & caching (3 atm).
    Thu 23rd- Ferry from Knoydart (Iverie) to Mallaig, caching on Moidart, heading to Fort William.
    Fri 24th- CITO EVENT on BEN NEVIS, caching in the area, driving south, more caching...
    Sat 25th- BEN MORE/OLDEST UK CACHE EVENT, then heading south (car share still available).
    Sun 26/Mon 27th - Trade show in Birmingham. (I could drop any car-sharer/es at a train station for them to get home on Saturday night).

    I plan to take a bicycle across to the Small Isles as this is free, plus a tent, but they all have B&Bs or bunkhouses; drop me a line if you're interested in getting a group booking together. Any caches left behind will be with both landowner approval (this tends to be easy when one person owns the whole island!) and with a maintenance plan in place. The islands all have Trigpoints for baggers and the Eigg one, where my event will be held, is also a past YOSM site and thus loggable. The post-pub Knoydart walk will visit another TP, at 1010m, and Ben More and Ben Nevis have their own TPs, of course.

    I'll add links to the above events (only ones up to the 22nd are in the waiting list at the moment due to the 6-month prelisting rule) when I can. In the meantime, feel free to comment, ask questions and generally get excited about a selection of what should be fun events (weather depending!) in some of the most beautiful places the UK (heck; the world!) has to offer :cheers:

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    Simply Paul Guest


    GC2EWR8 Britain's Fifth Most Remote Event Cache (Eigg) has been listed for Monday, June 20th, 2011! I'm still waiting on the others but will add links as soon as I'm able.

    Plus, I've just discovered that tonight Three Men in a Boat (Dara O'Briain, Griff Rhyss Jones & Rory McGrath) visit the Knoydart pub- The Old Forge. Catch it on BBC2 from 8pm tonight; Thursday Dec 30th. And on iPlayer for a while thereafter.
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    Simply Paul Guest


    Three Men Go to Scotland Episode 2 - Available until 8:59PM Thu, 6 Jan 2011. The visit to the pub was short but sweet and the whole programme does give an idea of what the area offers cachers in the way of magnificent land and seascapes.

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    Simply Paul Guest


    Three Men Go to Scotland Episode 2 got repeated last night. It's now available until 12:29AM, Monday, 17th Jan 2011. :socool:

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    Simply Paul Guest


    Latest news:

    Plans continue to move ahead. I've had a reply from Stewart, the NTS's Property Manager for the remote Isle of Canna. He's aware of the game and keen to help me bring caching to the island by helping me site it and maintain the box.

    I've also heard from Georgie of the out-of-this-world looking Kinloch Castle on Rum, my last stop before Eigg:

    "We currently have all room types available for Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th of June. I'll give you a list of the rooms available and prices - just keep in mind if you want the dorm rooms to yourselves, you will need to pay for all the beds.

    3 x Oak Room Doubles - 55 per room per night
    2 x Hostel Doubles - 45 per room per night
    2 x Twin Dorm rooms - 45 per room per night
    William Bass Room - 5 single beds 90 per room per night
    1 x 5 bed dorm
    1 x 6 bed dorm
    1 x 7 bed dorm
    2 x 8 bed dorms

    Let us know what your numbers are and the room types and we can book you in. We take a deposit of the first nights stay to confirm the booking - this is payable by card or cheque made out to Kinloch Castle. We could provisionally book you in and hold the rooms for 2 weeks if this makes it easier for you to plan"

    Would anyone interested in staying at the castle - Do take a look at the link - drop me an email please

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    Simply Paul Guest


    A little bump for this to share some photos from my planned trip:

    Ag Sgurr on Eigg- location for my 5th Remote event

    Kinloch Castle on Rum

    Castle ruins on the Isle of Canna

    A view of Knoydart

    Ben Nevis

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