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Thread: Garmin Oregon 300

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    Default Garmin Oregon 300

    Decided to buy this as an alternative to using the GPS and PDA, managed to get for under 135 on EBay.
    Since getting it I have upgraded to the latest software which gives a facility for adding the next stage in a multi cache plus a handy filter system so as the list is not cluttered with unwanted cache types.
    Generally I find that signal strength & retention is good and for geocaching it is excellant. It is nice to be able to just simply drag the GPX files from PQ's straight in to the system and to be able to have caches that cover a variety of areas as this enables the user to cache in a multitude of locations without having to plan and the load a fresh set of caches if you are going out of your normal catchment area. It is also nice to have all the cache information there on one piece of equipment that is rugged and waterproof as that is the main problem with the PDA when the weather is a little wet. It is alway helpful when you have a decent mapping as well and I have 1:50000 OS loaded.
    If only there was a way to calculate the final co-ords of a multi (just like MultiCalc)
    All in all, very pleased with the purchase and even more so now that I have worked out how to load custome maps at a scale of 1:25000 albeit for a restricted area.

    Since the latest upgrade from Garmin, entering the next stage in a multi is now easy. Still need to look for another way to do the multi calculalations so will still carry the PDA with us as a back up when we do multis.
    Although the signal strength retention is good it still tends to lose signal a little quicker than the GPSMap60Cx.
    Will look forward to seeing a review on the lates GPSMap series (paperless caching without the touch screen and with an aerial)
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