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Thread: Cache In Trash Out (CITO)

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    RuberyBlue Guest

    Default Cache In Trash Out (CITO)

    I will be using this thread to advertise up and coming 'Cache in Trash Out' events. Having attended my first a couple of weeks ago I can't emphasise enough how enjoyable and rewarding these events are. Do it once and you will want to do more!!

    Next up on 2nd October 2010 is the Keele Ampitheatre CITO (GC2EPDC) in Staffordshire.

    A monthly update can also be found on the main site under CITO with the main summary as of August 2010 being:

    Eleven (11) ‘Cache In Trash Out’ events held by the UK Geocaching community resulting in:

    378 - Participants involved in litter collections
    402 – Bags of litter collected


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    RuberyBlue Guest


    With this weekends event - Keele Ampitheatre CITO (GC2EPDC) in Staffordshire postponed until next year the next CITO event is on the 10.10.10 (surprise!)

    10, 10, 10, 10 at Hadleigh Country Park (Eastern England) - GC2CYP7


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    Talking Stoke on Trent, Staffs, West Midlands

    I hope you mind me advertising my CITO here too?

    Park Hall CITO - GC2FPBK

    Geocaching = FUN & FRIENDS

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    sxparx Guest


    Just an update on our CITO event on Sunday - the first in Essex!!

    35 keen geocachers turned up on what turned out to be a glorious day at the park. They managed to collect 35 bags of rubbish, lots of wood, a rusty bike a tyre and enough clothes to outfit an adult (no volunteers to model those)

    The cacke and shortbread at the end as well as the new caches published ensured the event went with a swing.

    We are already planning our next one at Belhus CP for sometime in the New Year.

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    RuberyBlue Guest


    Just in case you have missed the latest additions to the CITO blog on the GAGB home pages:

    So far in 2010 a total of fourteen ‘CITO’ events have been held by the UK Geocaching community resulting in:

    521 – Participants involved in litter collections
    531 – Bags of litter collected
    30m² – Himalayan Balsam cleared

    Congratulations to all of the event organisers:

    Rosserllwyd (Southern Scotland)
    bowly (Southern England
    Haggis Hunter (Southern Scotland)
    Martletsman (South East England)
    OVERANOUT (Yorkshire & Humberside)
    The Imp (East Midlands)
    jhewitt15 (North West England)
    igxkls and Mat Smith (East Midlands)
    Evil Edna (Southern England)
    Mega Scotland/ Haggis Hunter (Northern Scotland)
    timmyl (South West England)
    GAGB Committee (West Midlands)
    alfarrow, SXparx, Hadleigh Ranger (Eastern England)
    StaffsGeo (West Midlands)

    and attendees for contributing to this worthwhile activity – we look forward to your events during 2011.


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