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Thread: Newbies from NW London need advice

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    Default Newbies from NW London need advice

    We read about Geocaching in a Portuguese forum. We got so interested that we tried to find a cache with the help of our old TOM TOM and Google in the Algarve but did not get very far. Although we were not successful we got the bug.

    Back in the UK we did some research on GPS equipment and have decided that the Garmin Oregon 450T would meet our requirements. However we have no idea what maps come with the set. Should we buy one with preloaded maps? We want to use the GPS in South England and also use it in Portugal. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I went for the 450t and have had it a couple of weeks itís the best £246+p&p Iíve spent in ages, great for paperless caching. I did not get any extra maps and just use the Preloaded Topographic maps for Europe that came with it, they are not as good as OS in detail but have been fine so far and I have not had any problems getting to any GZs.
    You can always add other maps later if you need to, and there is a way to add your own maps but this is a bit beyond my computer skills at the moment.
    I have just looked at Albufeira on the 450t and its showing all the streets and paths around town that I remember from my holidays some years ago, so should be fine for caching there.
    Hope this helps

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    I believe the t means that it comes complete with the Topo maps preloaded so you will have the maps you need to get started.
    There is also the facility to add custom maps for the areas you want, these can be as good as 1:25000 OS mapping

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    I believe you an also put the free Open Street Mapping (OSM) maps on it. A geocacher has created a web page with free (and easy) downloads here:

    I use them and I think they're spot on for what I need. Also as OSM is a worldwide initiative, you can get maps for occasional trips abroad, I've put Paris and Menorca on mine for holidays, so Portugal shouldn't be a problem.
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    Thanks for all your replies they have been really helpful. No doubt I will have plenty more questions.

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