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Thread: Record attempt 10/10/10

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    Default Record attempt 10/10/10

    Did my bit for the cause and found a new cache to help the record attempt. All of a sudden a "thingee" popped up saying I had been awarded a "souvenir" which could be added to my profile on GS. Being a fairly stupid grumpy old man I have no idea how to "add this to my profile" - Anyone any idea how to do this ?? (I have also asked on the GS forum) so belt and braces
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    Belt and Braces answer (made on the GS forum as well)

    Have you been to your Public Profile and looked in the Souvenir Tab yet only if you haven't be prepared to be surprised

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    Up to Scottyland from Brum to visit the 'Ten Ten Ten' GC2ETKF' event. I tell you; if you wanted a warm welcome, great pig slice butties, good caches and the craich with some seriously great company, it was THE place to be. Yeah, got my souvenir into my profile too. Wicked.
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