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Thread: The Kaieke Geocoin

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    Default The Kaieke Geocoin

    My second coin, the 'Kaieke Geocoin' is now in production and should be ready in a few weeks. Like my last coin, there will be 100 made, but these will come in 5 different versions.

    There will be 10 Antique Gold, 23 Green, 23 White (glow in the dark), 22 Yellow, 22 Blue.

    I will create another online store for these and will post a link to it once I recieve the coins.

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    CW88 Guest


    I still have a couple of my first coins left, and will post the link in the next post.

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    CW88 Guest


    For my 'Something Fishy' coins you can either buy them here: or on ebay. But all the gold and silver versions are sold out.

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    CW88 Guest


    Antique Gold almost sold out - just 2 left (one individual and one in the last complete set)

    Prices have been reduced until the end of December.

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