It’s undeniable that quite a few Trackable Items go missing on their
Some are stolen, some go missing from Muggled caches, and some just

From reading these forums, it has become apparent that some of the
Trackables have become genuinely and honestly “mislaid”, rather than stolen.

We've all seen or heard of this sort of thing.
Somebody picks up a Trackable from a cache, in good faith, and fully intends to move it along fairly quickly.
6 or 9 months later, they are genuinely surprised to find it tucked away
inside a caching bag, in the car, or in the bottom of a coat pocket.

What do they do with it?
Most cachers would want to return it to circulation, rather than throw
it away.
But how do they put it back without causing themselves any embarrassment?
They can quietly slip it into a cache, without logging their visit, but this
can often lead to confusion especially if an inexperienced cacher finds the

Several cachers have been discussing the possibility of setting up an
"Amnesty Service" which would operate something like this..........
Anyone who suddenly "finds" a Trackable in their possession could put it in
an envelope and send it to a given "Amnesty" address.
This could, of course, be a totally anonymous method with no way of knowing the sender.

No questions could be asked as to the origin of the item and the sender’s
conscience would then be clear.
The Trackable could then be placed back into circulation by the "Amnesty
Man", using a wide spread of caches across an area.

Having had several of my own Trackables go missing, I can sympathise with those cachers who have seen their treasured, (and often expensive), items disappear into the unknown.

I think that this “Amnesty Service” is an excellent idea, and I am prepared
to openly support it.
So, after much discussion, I have indicated that I am willing to act as
the ”Amnesty Man”, and give out my home address on this forum.

The address to be used for this service is………..

79 Froxfield Road

Groundspeak have been made aware of the "Amnesty Service" and have said that they have no objection to it.