We decided to take our Border Terrier to be stripped and beautified down to the lady that "does " him in Hythe, near Southampton. Having a couple of days off we thought we would take the caravan down to the great Caravan Club site at Black knowle in the New Forest."She who must be obeyed" said that she would stay with him and I could do a bit of caching by the sea-side. Trusty Oregon "charged", mobile internet dongle paid up. New Android phone ready, as back up. Cache bag loaded, dogs in car, wine bottles loaded (oops almost forgot food!)Caravan hooked up and away ! Nice easy two hour drive A34 and M27 etc booked in and legs down by 1430 hrs. Right - fire up lap top ! No Signal - strike one. Fire up phone - No Signal - strike two. Drive in to Brockenhurst for chips. Got a phone signal but no connection on Groundspeak ! Strike three. Back to van - At least I've got a good TV signal and plenty of wine. Up nice and early Saturday. In to Hythe - drop off "she who must be obeyed" Park up by the sea front - Elderly dog out and "frisking" even (just a bit). Hurrah
have signal on phone. log on to groundspeak "find nearby geocaches" and
WOT !Q! run out of phone battery !!?~@""%%++!! How did that happen ? Try and get one of those emergency quick chargers - no luck ! Any inernet cafes - Naah = Quick, try the library - got there just as it closed !
Soooo Here I am in a new town with no way of finding or downloading caches, Oh why did I not prepare properly at home as I used to by printing off caches, maps etc before my fancy new paperless system
Completely wasted caching weekend - Still we got the dog stripped, elderly dog got some sea air and we had a quiet weekend in the caravan
Rats Rats Rats