After considerable discussion between the UK & Ireland Reviewers in regards to concerns being raised by a number of community members, over Physical Containers placed on or near to War Memorials or Memorials to the Deceased.

We now moving forward require Proof of Permission, where a war memorial or other memorial to the dead is the focal point of a clearly defined precinct, plaza, memorial garden or like surrounding area. Physical caches or physical cache stages placed within that surrounding area require specific written permission of the relevant custodial authority

Definition of the "Surrounding Area

Any area specifically set aside for the Memorial, which is clearly defined and usually forming a Remembrance Garden/Area. So the area surrounding a War Memorial in a Town Square where a War Memorial is located would not fall within that definition. A example being the Cenotaph in London, which normally has traffic passing on either side of it.

This approach to Reviewing Caches located within the Precinct of Memorials to the Deceased,is exactly the same as for Church Yard/Cemeteries which has been in place for 2.25 years within the UK.

Caches in Such locations Published before the Date of this post have been Grandfathered In, subject to the usual rider. That of any Update of Coordinates, Is considered to have broken the Grandfathered In clause, and the new location if within the Precinct will then require Written Permission.

To avoid any confusion, We are NOT BANNING caches located within the Precincts of Memorial to the Deceased. Simply moving to a Proof of Permission to Publish