After posting that I had not received a single complaint on either of the GAGB numbers about geocaches/geocachers at memorials I thought it may be helpful to give a breakdown of the calls I have received over the last year.

15 concerns about caches. 12 of these were fairly minor and were dealt with by a quick email to the owner (mostly asking for a bit more information or for it to be moved a few feet).

One was happy for caching on his land however no permission had been sought, the caches were off path in a area where shooting regularly occurred.

Another was were people were not using the path and crossing a field with livestock in tit causing some concern. Not unhappy with people caching just requesting that the cache was disabled and to work with the cache owner to place in a more appropriate place.

One rather insistent one from some horsey people (I think that's a fairly polite way of putting it) who appeared to want no one but them in the county.

3 Enquiries about placing in SSSI
5 Press enquiries
6 getting started
2 from people writing books about geocaching
2 Landowner agreement enquiries from landowners (large)
1 Wanting someone to take a stall at an exhibition at his Hotel
3 Product? PR company
5 Accidental cache finds wanting to get the damaged caches back to the owners
2 Council gardeners wanting to make sure they had returned the cache to the correct hidey hole
2 Drunken teens finding caches
1 return of a cache washed away in floods some years before
1 County Council press office wanting to promote geocaching as an activity in its public spaces over the summer

Most cache specific enquiries lack detail and can take quite a bit of time to identify.

The vast majority of people who had concerns over caches were very polite and helpful and in no way negative. They had a problem but were willing to work with cachers to resolve it.