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Thread: What do you take with you while Geocaching?

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    Question What do you take with you while Geocaching?

    Okay I have been thinking about this for a while now and was wondering what you take when you go out on a days Geocaching. Also do you have any special clothing?

    I have seen (on Youtube) that some people have a small bag that contains trinkets, cache repair kits (if you take one of these please let me know what you have in it as I am curious!), any trackables they are moving, I heard about someone having some of that hand sanitiser in case of muddy hands, a pen and pencil are probably good.

    Also most of my finds are quite urban and I have not really been into the proper field so to speak but with my new GPS on its way from US I hope to get onto moorlands and good country walks. Do you have all the proper walking kit (erm not sure what I mean by walking kit but hope you do!).

    Interested to see what you all put on this one!

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    Normally wear a multi pocketed body warmer and in that I carry rubber stamp, pen, some hand gel and a couple of small swap items.
    Carry a small back pack that normally contains a few more swap items along with waterproof leggings, couple of sweets, any TB's/coins we are moving along and a repair kit (contains small clip lock bags, temp log books, a couple of spare micro tubs, insulating tape and some small pencils)

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    I have a small canvas shoulder bag that I adapted by adding a couple of loops and I hang it off my belt. In it will be:

    • GPS (obviously).
    • Blackberry, running CacheSense (used to be called CacheMate).
    • Spare batteries for the GPS.
    • An OS map.
    • Pen.
    • Pen knife or small multi tool.
    • Any TBs or coins I have to swap.
    • Sometimes an old tea towel (if I remember) for drying out damp caches.
    • Sometimes a regular compass and whistle (depends on the terrain).
    • Wallet & keys.
    • If I'm expecting to be out for the day I'll probably take a Chorizo sausage, and maybe a small bottle of water.

    In addition I always take a stick of some kind, not that I need it but I like walking with a stick. I got my current favourite when I'd gone out without my Leki trekking pole and felt odd walking without it so I cut a 5' ash pole from the woods h34r:. I also always wear a wide brimmed hat which gives surprisingly good eye protection when bashing through the bushes.

    I almost always wear proper walking boots.

    I never bother with gloves, or hand cleaner or anything like that.

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    Bumbag ~ containing

    Camera (although the GPS does have one)
    Two pencil cases, one with goodies in to leave and one with trackables that need moving. Keeping them separate is easier.
    Self Inking Stamps to stamp log books + small piece of wood to rest logbook on for stamping
    Spare logbooks
    Tweezers - for pulling out awkward logbooks
    Three dogs + leads, unless the caches are very urban
    Mobile for emergencies and to contact other caching friends in we need a bit of help, only had to do this twice!
    Fleece and or waterproof jacket

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    I take a backpack when I am going out into the countryside

    GPS - Garmin Oregon 300 with OS 1:50
    Washed out food tub for trackables to stop them getting lost
    Small bag of Swaps
    Rigger / Gardening Gloves
    Hand wash / Sanitizer

    I Need to get

    Spare logs
    Spare Micros

    I usually wear

    Craghopper walking trousers
    Walking boots
    Suitable Jacket / Fleece

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    Temp log books from HERE, only costs 1 A4 sheet paper and a couple of mins to fold and cut.

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    We take a rucksac stuffed with everything I can think off, first aid kits, dog leads (incase I see a stray) swaps, camera, gps, batteries, gloves, string, tb's and coins, poo bags, carrier bags, torch, medicines, money, etc etc

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    Most cachers carry a bag of bits, pens, stamps, spare logs etc, but for some nefarious reason, in the country, hiders tend to put caches in areas that "breed" stinging nettles and/or brambles. Sooo
    Rule one - Never cache in shorts and flip flops
    Rule two - Take gardening gloves/Some sort of stick for "poking about in holes"
    Rule three - Before setting out on a caching expedition. Read previous logs on the caches you intend to try to find ( five gets you ten that some will say beware stingers/had to feel about in a spider encrusted hole - or some such)
    Having forgotten the above, you will, no doubt get stung, prickled and have to stick your bare hands in to some dubious places as we all have from time to time, You then get stuck in the middle of no where and find that the batteries in the GPS have gone flat and you have forgotten to put spare ones in the bag, after using the last fresh ones last time you went out !
    So the most important rule is to establish a little check list for caching.
    Personal and and caching equipment ! Having said this I have caching friends that "womble" off with a mobile phone and nothing else, find loads of caches and think I am the re-incarnation of Lord Baden-Powell !! Funny old game Caching !!!
    Si vis pacem para bellum

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