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Thread: Looking for name for Mysteries

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    Default Looking for name for Mysteries

    As I live abroad, I'm out of touch with the terms used in English in geocaching.

    Do you have a term or name for mystery caches that you can solve at home (using whatever resources available, like internet, books, etc.), then visit the coordinates that you've worked out ?


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    I would think that PUZZLE caches cover that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrDick&Vick View Post
    I would think that PUZZLE caches cover that.
    Not exclusively. Some puzzle caches may require you to visit the start (given) coordinates first. As it says on a page about how to solve puzzle caches:

    "Does the description mention needing to go to the listed coordinates first? If so, proceed to the coordinates and then continue."


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    I don't think that there is a name to differentiate those puzzles which can be completely solved at home from those which need to be solved in the field.

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