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Thread: Pocket Queries

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    Question Pocket Queries

    Okay so you probably read that I have a new GPS (or have I not mentioned it?).

    I have managed to load the nearest 500 to my home location.

    What I would like to pick your brains about:

    Is there any way I can just load the whole of the UK onto it? It holds 10,000 so not sure if I could fit them on.

    Also how do you do your queries? Do you download specific to where you are going for the day? Do you load a lot on and if you happen to pass it then you'll cache it?

    Looking for tips and techniques!


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    I have different PQ's for various areas we visit. As the Oregon 300 only holds 2000 cache details I simply load in the relevant ones prior to setting off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fermentum View Post
    Is there any way I can just load the whole of the UK onto it? It holds 10,000 so not sure if I could fit them on.
    Not even close, last count I saw there were over 50,000 active caches in the UK, I expect it's significantly more now.

    Edit to add:
    I just did a simple search for all caches in the UK and it came up with 73,630 that's all types and includes temp disabled, but not archived caches.

    Edit again to add:
    As for Pocket Queries:
    I have one which runs once a week to cover the area where I work (London), one PQ covers about a 10 mile radius, which is as far as I can go in a lunch hour.
    I have another 20 centred on areas around home (Hampshire) which also run weekly.
    The above queries mean I've got more or less all caches in my normal haunts on my laptop, I then create additional PQs if I'm going away centred on the location I'm going to.
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    If am going to be away from home and may have the chance to pick up a cache or two then I used to run a PQ. This tended to be all caches from a specific point/cache - no filtering.
    However, these days if there is only a very vague chance that I may stop .. I just use the Geocaching app on the iphone to see what is around when I stop somewhere (or load a PQ that I have previously run, but not put on the Oregon)

    However, if I am specifically going caching in another area and have time in advance (e.g. if going on holiday) I prefer to read the cache pages to identify the caches I would like to do and then I make a private bookmark. I then run a PQ from that bookmark (without the 'day' ticked). I then preview it on google maps to see the results and plan a route etc. Then a day or so before I need it, I run the PQ with the day ticked.

    I have a lot of PQ's on my list that I never run as 'true PQs' ... just use the preview option to see where the caches are. e.g specific D/T's, old caches or just ones that I have identified in the past and added to my 'to do' list if I am in the area.

    I haven't read it all, but you might find this page useful.
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